dr. J.J.L. (Jeroen) Candel
Image: ©RDA

dr. J.J.L. (Jeroen) Candel

Works at
Wageningen University & Research

Jeroen Candel is involved in agricultural and food policy in a broad sense. His research group focuses on the question of how governments can deal with these challenges, i.e. how they can make smart policy. "Within the Council, I will mainly be concerned with the position of animals in the agriculture of the future. This is an exciting issue, which the RDA can think along with the government. Knowledge of one discipline is insufficient to ensure that the transition to circular agriculture runs smoothly. The RDA is pre-eminently a place for trans-disciplinary debate. I hope that the council members can jointly come up with new ideas about where we want to go with livestock farming and how we can get there. ' said Jeroen.