Visible change Biotechnology and animal exhibitions

Are there ethical or societal considerations that necessitate the creation of new laws or regulations that set down whether genetically modified organisms may be exhibited and under which conditions?

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Advisory report

Although this Advisory Report arose from a single permit application, its applicability and scope go much further. Much national and European legislation is already in place for the treatment of animals, the organisation of exhibitions and working with genetically modified organisms. But the Dutch legislation, primarily set down in the Animals Act (Wet dieren), the Environmental Management Act (Wet milieubeheer), the Animal Experiments Act (Wet op de dierproeven) and the Flora and Fauna Act (Flora- en faunawet), still leaves certain matters open to question, particularly where the various acts overlap and where it concerns the question of in which development stage an embryo becomes an organism. The Minister of Economic Affairs therefore asked the Council for Animal Matters to prepare an Advisory Report on this theme.