Getting our Teeth into Dog Bites

In 2013, the Council on Animal Affairs (RDA) published an advisory report on the way in which unacceptable behaviour on the part of dogs and their keepers can be countered. Since then, dogs and cats have been placed as an animal species on the positive list for pets. The Animal Husbandry Decree laid down requirements for the keeping of dogs as pets. However, they have proved inadequate in preventing serious biting incidents. For that reason, and since public disquiet concerning biting incidents involving dogs has increased rather than decreased in the meantime, the Minister for Agriculture has asked the Council to produce a new advisory report.

Image: ©RDA / Nationale Beeldbank

This advisory report, which is summarised briefly in the present publication, focuses on the biting behaviour of high-risk dogs: can such dogs be distinguished from other dogs and which rules for this category could reduce further the risk of biting incidents? The Council obtained advice from various experts and organisations including the Royal Association for the Protection of Dogs, the municipalities of Rotterdam and Assen and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine for this advisory report. The Council trusts it has thus contributed to a reduction in the number of serious biting incidents involving dogs. For detailed information you will find attached the full report.