The State of the Animal in the Netherlands

This publication provides reflections and opinions on the shifting relationship between people and animals in the Netherlands. How do citizens and experts assess the welfare of these animals and the way we treat them? In this regard, what differences emerge between animals in the wild, farm animals, companion and hobby animals, zoo animals and test animals? What are the dilemmas and the conflicting interests, which develop­ments are important and what future trends should we expect?

Image: ©RDA

Public survey

At the end of 2018, within the context of the Council's 25th anniversary a major public survey about the way people in the Netherlands deal with and think about animals was conducted. The most significant survey results are presented in various parts of this publica­tion. They provide insights into the relationship between people and animals in the Netherlands today. They show among others that people in the Netherlands regard animal welfare as a matter of importance. Moreover, there is a strong consensus that all animals have a moral right to live and that people have a moral duty to treat all animals well. In general people in the Netherlands have become more precise, more sensitive, more prudent and more careful in relation to animals. At the same time, there are still several topics within animal affairs that invoke moral frictions. You can read more about the Council's consideration on these issues in the publication.