Hearing ‘Gene edited animals’

The Dutch Council on Animal Affairs (Raad voor Dierenaangelegenheden) and the Commission on Genetic Modification (COGEM) are organising a hearing on gene editing of animals during the CRISPRcon* event in Wageningen on Friday June 21st.

Image: ©RDA


Given the international character of scientific research and the trade in animals and animal products it is inevitable that the Netherlands, along with Europe as a whole, will be confronted with the consequences of CRISPR-Cas. A complicating factor is that changes in the DNA of organisms made using the CRISPR-Cas technique are difficult or impossible to detect and distinguish from naturally occurring mutations. This presents challenges both to policy (detection and regulatory enforcement) and to society (consumer choice). Besides benefiting people, some new applications may bring relative benefits or harm the animals concerned. This can alter the balance of risks, benefits and ethical considerations. These developments, technical challenges and ethical and societal questions have been outlined by COGEM in her 2018 policy report ‘CRISPR & Animals; Implications of genome editing for policy and society’.


The RDA has developed further advice for the government regarding CRISPR-Cas and animals and presents its draft opinion during a side event at the 2019 CrisprCon event. In a hearing, the advice will be discussed with policy makers, influencers, scientists, stakeholders with special attention to animal welfare and integrity. The results will be used for the definite advice to the ministers involved

Organisation & speakers

  • Chair Ms Marjan Slob (RDA, Publicist, influencer)
  • Confirmed speakers Prof. dr. Martien Groenen (RDA, Wageningen University)
  • Dr. Sjaak Swart (COGEM, University of Groningen)

Information & registration

Date: 21 June 2019

Time: 11:00 – 13:00

Location: Impulse building 115, Stippeneng 2, 6708 WE Wageningen

Registration: No fee / Please register by sending an email to info@rda.nl


*Participants who also want to attend CRISPRcon, need to register separately at: https://crisprcon.org/crisprcon-2019