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  1. Enjoyable for humans and animals? The use of animals in Sport, Recreation, Tradition and entertainment

    Publication | 02-05-2024

  2. Animation video Humane Livestock Farming

    Video | 29-06-2022

  3. Shining a light on the killing of animals

    Publication | 19-05-2022

  4. Annual report Council on Animal Affairs (RDA) 2020

    The term ‘work in progress’ describes the year 2020 in a number of respects. Firstly, the Council is working hard to expand on ...

    Annual report | 12-12-2021

  5. Essay Love is Blind

    When is the love for an animal so blindly devoted that the animal suffers as a result? This question is addressed by the Dutch ...

    Publication | 08-12-2021

  6. Humane Livestock Farming

    In 2021 the Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality asked the Council to formulate an opinion that addresses the needs ...

    Publication | 18-11-2021

  7. Memorandum on growing human organs in animals for transplant purposes

    The Council on Animal Affairs has conducted an inventory of the issues around the growing of human organs, tissues and cells in ...

    Publication | 10-11-2021

  8. Animal welfare is a blind spot in discussions about circular agriculture

    On 25 June, RDA chairman Jan Staman gave a presentation on the consequences of the transition towards circular agriculture for ...

    Publication | 12-07-2021

  9. Care of Young Animals

    Publication | 25-01-2021

  10. Conceptual Framework Animal Welfare

    The Council on Animal Affairs advises on multidisciplinary issues concerning animal welfare and animal health, either on request ...

    Publication | 16-12-2020