Digitisation of the Livestock Farming Sector

The livestock farming sector is experien­cing a rapid emergence of digital techniques for collecting data and communication. These techniques include sensors and other measu­rement devices that exchange data and initiate actions without any user involvement.

Digitisation of the livestock farming sector summary

Opportunities and threats

The rapid rise of digitisation in the livestock farming sector has an impact on the lives of animals. Increasing opportunities to gather and share data can benefit animals’ welfare and health. At the same time it should be noted that the steps leading from big data to reliable and relevant information and then to well-informed correct decisions are complex. Automatic adjustment of process equipment comes with threats. Furthermore, digitisation has an effect on the autonomy of animals and livestock farmers and on relationships between humans and animals, among humans and among animals.

In the advisory report of the Council on Animal Affairs opportunities and threats of digitisation of the livestock sector are illuminated. Additionally, recommendations for governments and market parties are included, so they can utilize the possibilities created by digitisation to their advantage, while also redu­cing the risks that simultaneously occur.