Annual report Council on animal affairs (RDA) 2011-2013

The public debate on societal responsibility for the health and welfare of animals concerns animals held professionally but also, and increasingly, smallholding animals, pets, and ‘non-captive’ animals, i.e. those living in the wild.

Animal health and welfare

The Council on Animal Affairs is therefore aware of the importance of its task as an independent body advising the Dutch Minister for Agriculture with regard to national and international policy on animal health and welfare. By broadening the expertise brought to the Council by its members, who serve it in a personal capacity, the Council has equipped itself well to fulfil this task.It is with great pleasure that I make this report of the Council’s deliberations during the 2011-2013 period available to a wider public – not just in order to inform, but also to invite responses. Just as the opinions of the Council are also intended to inform public debate, the quality of our advice benefits from responses from society.

Professor F. Ohl

Chairperson, Council on Animal Affairs