Annual report Council on animal affairs (RDA) 2014

Animal welfare is a topic which now attracts growing public interest and concern. This is amply illustrated by the discussions about the ‘approved list’ of companion animals, the conservation status of wild species such as the Eurasian eagle owl, the European wolf and wild boar, the use of antibiotics in meat production and the desirability of large-scale livestock production.

A year of review and reorientation

The Council on Animal Affairs sees a concomitant increase in the demand for balanced, consistent Opinions which take account of all the various interests and perspectives that inform the discussions.

Partly due to a number of personnel changes, 2014 was a year of review and reorientation for the Council. It was also a year in which various new initiatives were launched, the results of which will soon become apparent. We shall continue to pursue consistency in our advice, opinions and reports. At the same time, we shall broaden our horizons, ensuring full transparency and increasing our outreach. We shall become more proactive in communicating our findings. This Annual Report provides an account of our policy and activities in this area. We hope to present the initial results in next year’s edition.

Prof. Frauke Ohl

Chair, Council on Animal Affairs