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  1. Weighing Wildlife Welfare

    The position of animals in the wild and the form in which society should organise responsibility for their welfare is a topic of ...

    Publication | 08-07-2020

  2. Digitisation of the Livestock Farming Sector

    The livestock farming sector is experien­cing a rapid emergence of digital techniques for collecting data and communication. ...

    Publication | 13-02-2020

  3. Animal assisted interventions. Welfare of humans and animals?

    Advisory report Animal Assited Interventions. Welfare of Humans and Animal? Dierbare hulpverleners, Welzijn voor mens en dier

    Publication | 21-05-2019

  4. Animal Procedures for the Livestock Sector

    The Central Authority for Scientific Procedures on Animals ( Centrale Commissie Dierproeven, CCD) regularly experiences dilemmas ...

    Publication | 20-03-2019

  5. Invertebrates as production animals

    Advisory Report The Emerging Insect Industry, Invertebrates as production animals

    Publication | 10-09-2018

  6. Fish Welfare

    Advisory report Fish Welfare

    Publication | 07-03-2018

  7. Animal welfare for sale!

    The wish to improve animal welfare in livestock farming is broadly shared in Dutch society. Achieving this through the market ...

    Publication | 09-05-2017

  8. Annual report Council on animal affairs (RDA) 2016

    The Council on Animal Affairs (RDA) has had a particularly productive year. We have been working on the intention expressed ...

    Annual report | 20-04-2017

  9. Horse Markets in the Netherlands

    Horse markets in the Netherlands

    Publication | 14-03-2017

  10. Getting our Teeth into Dog Bites

    Getting our teeth into dog bites

    Publication | 21-02-2017